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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Your Own Local Business Marketing Company, How to Start It?

Most people who fiddle around online know significantly more than they might suspect they do, and by and large, significantly more than most neighborhood entrepreneurs.

For example, do you know how to set up a site? A wordpress blog?

In the event that you do then you could be well on your approach to beginning your own particular neighborhood business promoting organization.

More than half of neighborhood organizations don’t have a site. Furthermore, of the ones who do, most are not fulfilled by what they have. These realities give a colossal chance to you to begin your own particular nearby business advertising organization helping neighborhood organizations develop.

Let’s face it. Businesses are always looking for more customers and in this economy, that is especially true.

Setting up WordPress blogs is a perfect way to get a business online, and with all the themes and plugins that are available (both free and paid), you can design virtually any website that a local business desires and charge them a fee for designing and setting it up. You can also charge a monthly recurring fee for web hosting.

But just setting up a website for a local business is not enough. You want to get traffic to that website.

Have you ever heard or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It’s a fancy term that basically means that when someone enters a search into one of the search engines, you want your website to show up in the search results on Page 1 if possible. For instance, if you are setting up a website for a dog training business, then when someone types in “dog training”, you want your website prominently displayed when the results are returned. Being on Page 1 virtually guarantees traffic to your web site.

SEO isn’t the easiest skill to learn; however, if you are marketing to local businesses it becomes a lot easier because the search terms you are trying to rank for are more specific. Let’s take that dog training example again. If you happen to be working with a business in Houston, Texas then you could easily rank in the search engines for a term like “Houston dog training” or “dog training in Houston”. Because you are targeting a business in a certain city and state, you can become an SEO expert getting websites easily ranked on Page 1 of the search engines. And trust me, most business owners know nothing about this, but love it when you can show their website highly ranked, and will pay for it!

Another valuable service you can provide with your local business marketing company is getting local businesses verified in Google Places. If you haven’t noticed what Google has been doing lately, then pay attention. They are definitely “going local” as they have even modified their search algorithms in the last year to favor local businesses in their search results. And one of the services they have added is called Google Places. This allows a business to verify that they are an actual business with a physical address and gets them listed prominently in the search engine. There are other factors as well that lead to a high ranking within Google Places, such as Reviews and Notations, but that’s the basic idea behind it. There are local marketing companies charging local business owners hundreds of dollars for this service so it’s definitely something you would want to provide.

Providing phone leads is another service you will want to offer your clients. You can work out a deal with the business owner so that they pay you a fee for every verified phone lead you send them. You could negotiate the criteria for the calls such as length of the call, time of day, voice mail calls, etc. The calls are tracked via your own unique phone number that is then forwarded to the business phone number.

Your marketing efforts would be on advertising your phone number so that calls would be generated. You can provide detailed reports of all leads generated each month, as well as invoices for the business. Business owners will gladly pay for leads because the lifetime value of a lead is worth so much more. For instance, think of a Dentist. How much do you think the lifetime value of a lead would be for them? If the lead becomes a client for the dentist, it’s likely they will stay with the dentist for a number of years. And they might have other family members who will also go to the same dentist. One client for a dentist could turn into thousands of dollars in revenue. So the dentist would gladly pay $50, $75, or maybe even $100 per phone lead.

The last service you should provide with your local business marketing company, that I believe will become increasingly popular, is called Mobile Text Messaging. I have a client right now that is a local restaurant. When their customers text “takeout” to a short code using their smartphone they are returned a link that when clicked takes them to the restaurant’s phone number as well as their full menu. Customers can review the menu then simply tap the phone call to call the restaurant to place an order. Once the customer does this their mobile number is captured which means the restaurant can then send future texts to their customers to inform them of any special events coming up, or to offer a discount or coupon for a future promotion. With smartphones on the increase this will be a growing way for businesses to advertise and grow their customer base. And you can charge business owners for providing this service.

We have mentioned several services that you, as a local business marketing company, can provide local business owners, not only in your own back yard, but anywhere. The truth is that local business owners are busy running their businesses. They don’t have time to learn the things we have discussed.

Learn to Market Your Small Business

Market Your Small BusinessOn the off chance that you’ve ever perused The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, you know the fatigued state numerous little entrepreneurs, business visionaries and new businesses wind up in. Whenever bookkeeping, improvement, item creation, offering and administration are all on your particular plate it is hard to try and begin contemplating anything other than the outright rudiments.

Maybe you attempt to make a logo with some clasp workmanship, taking pictures wrongfully off a site or a web crawlers’ picture look. One organization I met had stolen a picture that truly still had the watermark of the stock photograph organization it had a place with.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a bad idea. Stealing images, even images that don’t expressly say they’re copyrighted, is illegal and if you’re sued it can cost you up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s a scary thought when you’re just in the infant stage of your company and you’re trying to come up with the basics of a simple marketing plan.

There is an alternative. It will take about a week of concentrated effort but that week will get you a long way towards where you want your company to be. Simply hobbling along with little to no marketing materials is not a good way to build your business.

The first and most important thing to do is sit down with someone who knows nothing about your company, possibly several people. Have some way of recording their questions about the company. Listen to what they would like to see as well as what they think is important. Take all this information you just spoke and write it all up.

The next step will be to organize that large mass of information into something that makes sense. Product details should all be in one place, company policies in another and so on. With all that information you can easily copy and paste into brochures, a website and emailers. You can visit the text later for mailer ideas and reword and update things as products change.

Knowing what you do, you can spend the rest of the week creating a logo that matches your company’s mission, taking photos to make a marketing library and building a mailer or e-mailer to send to prospective clients.

Demystifying small business marketing and simplifying the design process isn’t impossible. Any one can do it and even if you decide to outsource such things to other skilled professionals, you should be empowered with some of the basic principles so you can understand what they’re doing!