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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Find The Best Suppliers For Woodchip For Biomass Boilers


If you are located in Somerset UK and are on the hunt for a good quality wood chipping service, then you are in the right place right now. As you are most probably aware, Somerset is a lovely place to live, with the ideal weather and employment opportunities, it is not surprising to see people of all cultures and races living in Somerset.

Somerset is starting to become the forefront in the reduction of energy levels in the UK. Alternate sources of energy are being used considerably throughout Somerset. The United Kingdom government is trying to do its best to ensure that its citizens take bold steps in ensuring that install woodchip for biomass boilers systems at homes and in other public places as a positive way to reduce the carbon emissions in the UK and globally.

Biomass immensely benefits in the efficient usage of power for homes and estates. However, unless you are provided with quality woodchip, you are likely to spend more money in making use of alternate sources of energy with biomass.

Below are a couple of points that will help you choose the right supplier of woodchip for your personal as well as business requirements.

The video from Youtube below provides some ideal tips on Biomass Suppliers in Somerset.

Things to know before choosing a woodchip supplier

The cost of woodchip supply and scale of the project should be clearly mentioned when seeking a woodchip supplier in Somerset. Usually the cost depends on the distance from the wood chipping office to your home or business establishment.

If the distance is too far, then you can expect to pay more for the woodchip, which is why you should select a woodchip supplier who is based close by in Somerset rather than a supplier in let’s say Norfolk as an example.

This ensures low costs and timely delivery. Selecting a supplier who is located in the outskirts of the city will always charge more for the delivery of the woodchip supply. Unless the woodchip supplier company is punctual in its delivery and sends the workers at the right time, you will surely benefit.

The last thing you want is for them to call up and inform you, that they are not going to come today or will be late and cause disruption to your daily plans.

Your work should not be affected because of their unprofessionalism. Finding a reliable as well as a professional woodchip supplier firm which can provide timely supply and at the right price is essential in making sure that your biomass system is providing you with a what you invested in.

It is always advisable to do some research before hiring a woodchip supplier. Visiting various supplier websites is a quick and simple way of conducting research. Once you have cherry picked one or more suppliers, be sure to research further by checking out reviews regarding their service by typing into Google review or  forum which will allow you to see how others have found their service and quality of the woodchip for biomass boilers they have provided.

I hope that you have found this information helpful in your quest for finding a reliable and professional woodchip supplier in Somerset or for anywhere else in the UK.

What You Should Know Before Joining A Flight School In South Africa


So you are planning to join a flight school in South Africa, but do not know how to proceed or where to start? That’s totally fine, I can guarantee that you are not alone. There are many inspiring pilots like yourself that want to start learning to fly in South Africa but are totally confused when it comes to choosing the right aviation school in South Africa.

However, luck is in hand as I have put together some quick tips that will help you find the right flight school that meets your requirements and which will make your decision easier.

Now, in South Africa, there are many flight schools from which you can choose to learn. They are based in most of the major cities and even small towns so there should be one local to you.

Perhaps due to the fact that people like to seek adventures and thrills, these days, flight schools are opening everywhere in the South Africa. But, it is vital that you seek to learn from a flight school, which is reliable, professional and has the necessary documentations to prove that they promise to deliver. Moreover the trainers who are offering the flight courses should have years of experience to back their claims.

Before you read on, take a look at the video from Youtube below that provides some great information in regards to learning to fly in South Africa.


When you think about learning to fly, you may jump to the conclusion that learning to fly will be an expensive investment. Yet this is not always the case. Granted it is not the cheapest hobby however it can be affordable.

The pricing and the number of courses offered should be checked by you before signup to the first flight school you see.

What course should I enroll with?

There are many flight schools offering several packages and courses which suit the needs of different students who wish to fly different aircraft and use their PPL for different types of reasons such as personal or commercial. Usually a beginner’s course is provided where the student can learn the basics of how to fly a small plane.

The middle courses offered are usually designed for students who aspire to become pilots of cargo planes.

The professional courses are for those who are serious about learning to fly passenger planes.

The pricing of the courses mostly depend on the duration of the course. Most of the course usually last for few months, while the professional course can take up to a 12 months or longer.

It also depends on the aviation school and the ability of the student to pick up the techniques, which are required to fly a plane. It is best to choose a school which has the needed certifications, trainers who are experienced and licensed, and the area is safe to conduct flight training.

Research Online

It is very important that you do your research before joining an aviation schools in South Africa. There are many aviation schools in South Africa to choose from and that is why you should select a flight school which can actually help you learn for a reasonable price. It is always best to visit them directly and find out what are their facilities and amenities.